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Your beauty is in your eyes - Nail salon 78258 - Eyelash Extensions 78258


Your beauty is in your eyes - Nail salon 78258 - Eyelash Extensions 78258

Soon, it will be that time of year to be bold and innovative. We're excited about party season, planning what to wear to all of the gatherings we'll be attending with friends, family, and coworkers, and then spending hours getting ready at night. There's no excuse not to get glammed up for the holidays and shoot some selfies with your loved ones if you have family and close friends nearby! Makeup has always been a method to express oneself. And, because everyone wants to look their best this holiday season, do you have any tips for glamming up your beauty appearance? Our advice is to buy yourself a fresh full set of eyelash extensions! Eyelash extensions are the coolest innovation ever since they offer the false-effect but seem much more natural, reduce down on cosmetic application time (most women with eyelash extensions skip mascara totally), and last weeks!

Reason to get your lashes done this festive season?

There are parties to attend as well as get-togethers with friends and family. While all of this seems like a lot of fun, questions like "what will I wear?" and "what cosmetics should I put on?" are bound to arise. When it comes to creating a great eye makeup look, the eyelashes are what tie everything together. Using artificial eyelashes to open up your face's most beautiful features: your eyes, is the easiest method to look party- and photo-ready. But, given we're not all makeup artists, putting on a pair of false lashes every morning before leaving the house is probably not on your to-do list. Eyelash extensions at Vinpearl Nails & Lashes - Nail salon 78258 make it easier than ever to have your makeup look last all day and appear flawless.

  • Eyelash extensions create an illusion of the eye being more open and wider than it normally is, giving the eyes that “wow” factor. 

  • For someone who could not live without mascara, you will love your new lashes simply because when you wake up in the morning, you are good to go. 

  • Permanent eyelashes definitely boost a girl’s confidence with the fact alone that no matter what, she always has long, full eyelashes that make her eyes pop.

  • If you want bigger eyes, go get eyelash extensions. I feel like the dramatic effect the eyelash extensions bring to my eyes makes my eyes always a focal point. I hope you’ll love this lash trend, too!

  • You will love how much time you save in the morning on mascara and the whole process of curling your lashes.

Why should you visit Beauty by Nien Houston for a new set (or refill) of lash extensions?

Vinpearl Nails & Lashes is one of the greatest beauty salons and permanent cosmetics clinics in Houston, Texas. We are a high-end lash and beauty shop that specializes in volume lash extensions ranging from extremely natural to giant volume. Each lash look is unique, taking into account the client's natural lashes, eyes, features, and desired fullness.


Our permanent makeup studio in TX 78258 takes pleasure in offering excellent service and high-quality goods and supplies to our loyal clients. All procedures are available, including Permanent Makeup, Microblading, and Eyelash Extensions.

With my handcrafted volume fan method, only the highest quality materials and lashes are applied one natural lash at a time, securely. Your new lashes seem light and airy, as if they aren't even there. Vinpearl Nails & Lashes Antonio's mission is to make you feel like your most beautiful and confident Queen self. Not only do we want you to have the finest lash extension experience possible, but we also want you to leave feeling uplifted and like your best self. Relax, get peaceful and comfy, have a short sleep, and enjoy your visit to the beauty clinic.

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What are the eyelash services available at Vinpearl Nails & Lashes - nail Salon 78258 ?

Classic Eyelash Extensions (Full Set / Refill)

Classic lash extensions are the art of placing one lash extension onto one natural eyelash. Classic lashes are only meant to provide length and shape, not fullness or added fluff.

Volume Lash Extensions (Full Set / Refill)

We recommend natural volume eyelashes for beauties who are new to lash extensions or just want a more natural looking lash look. These lashes will automatically open your eyes and give you that fresh no-makeup makeup look.

Hybrid Eyelash Extensions (Full Set / Refill)

Hybrid lash extensions are exactly how they sound. A mix (or hybrid) of two styles. More specifically, hybrid lash extensions are a blend of classic lashes and volume lashes.

Lash Lift or Lash Lift + Tint

Do you already have long full lashes? What if we told you, we can lift your lashes for a natural flare and, we can tint them for a mascara look. No worries, the tint will just look like mascara, giving a deeper lash line and length without the color bleed like mascara.

Eyelash Extensions After Care

Why is aftercare so important? Simply put, it helps prolong the life of your lashes and takes care of the natural lashes. Following aftercare is part of a team effort between lash artist at Beauty by Nien Houston and client. We will work together to keep your eyelashes healthy and beautiful.


Do not hesitate to schedule an appointment with the pros at Vinpearl Nails & Lashes permanent makeup salon in Antonio, TX 78258 to obtain a glam and festive-ready appearance.

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